Ce credeti ca e chestia asta?

Intrebarea e simpla. La ce credeti ca serveste acest echipament? N-are legatura cu lumile virtuale, nici cu vocalizele, dar nu m-am putut abtine.

4 Responses to “Ce credeti ca e chestia asta?”

  1. Claudiu Andone Says:

    In caz ca nu v-a trecut prin cap, asteptam comentarii aici pe blog.

  2. Claudiu Andone Says:

    Mda… era un videoproiector.

  3. isabella mori Says:

    Iíve tried to think it over and I guess this is just a rumor. I hate rumors that ruin private life so advise you not to believe it and leave your comments by yourself.

  4. dave Says:

    What kind of stuff are you talking about? I didnít get a word of it! Iíve never understood people, who spend their time on commenting stuff like that.

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