Yahoo! e ofensat de oferta Microsoft

Dupa indelungi brainstorming-uri corporate, cam asta a fost reactia Yahoo! la oferta Microsoft. Cica ar fi prea putin per actiune. Analistii cred ca Microsoft va ridica pretul ofertat cu 5 pana la 12 miliarde ca sa mai indulceasca “ofensa” adusa Yahoo!

3 Responses to “Yahoo! e ofensat de oferta Microsoft”

  1. PinoyLines Says:

    Yes, but I think this is disputable post.

  2. crashcrash07 Says:

    Very well! Are you dudes agree with me? When I read it I was like: oh man!Sounds great! This is just what I was searching for! All is true, and checked, Iím sure.

  3. Rirath Says:

    This story sounds convincingly! I agree with you in this case.

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